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“Our children thank you and we all thank you, again and again and again…I know that I speak for all the parents in our class. The results are priceless, and infinite.”  J.D Bruinier, mother

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Amy Williams, MA, DTR, RMT

I have a deep respect and love for children, and I believe we all want to be the best grown-ups in the lives of our children and students. I also believe that sometimes we feel like a failure and simply don't know what to do.


My life's work is to walk alongside you to learn new techniques that support all children, practice the skills that address the struggles in your classroom and your home, and celebrate every success.


My years as a dance/movement & expressive arts therapist, counselor, and educator inform and influence the work that I do with children, educators, leaders, and families. I've been a Caring Discipline trainer for five years and have seen the tools work in homes and in classrooms.

Now offering: 

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Family and Educator series

    • $155/ one adult or $175/ two adults; includes book

To register for an upcoming series, go to:


For any questions, 1:1 coaching, or to set up a free 15-minute consultation to see if this is a fit for you, contact Amy at:

or 503-957-2812

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