Parent parenting classes support
"I've listened to so many parenting audiobooks and the way Caring Discipline is presented makes it so clear! It has only been two weeks and my parenting is already so much better."
- online parent participant, April, 2021
Our courses help you feel more confident and calm as a parent, educator or caregiver.
Learn the theory and research, and walk away with loads of practical tools! 
Appropriate for children ages 2-18.
How We Help:

We offer training, workshops, materials, resources, inspiration and ongoing support to parents and educators byproviding

  • Practical tools and skills based on evidence-informed curriculum

  • Tools to not sabotage your discipline efforts

  • Learn how to show unconditional love

  • Identify the four types of misbehaviors and learn caring ways to correct them

  • Techniques to build children's emotional intelligence & self-esteem

  • Discuss, brainstorm, and laugh with other parents and educators struggling through similar issues -- it takes a village!



Parenting Classes that show you how to:

  • Avoid power struggles

  • Defuse a child's anger and prevent violent behaviors

  • Teach children to settle their own disputes

  • Set healthy limits

  • Strengthen and enrich adult-child relationship

  • Teach children to act responsibly

  • Open two-way communication with the child's inner self

  • Nurture healthy emotional growth and high self-esteem

  • Create a cooperative atmosphere in the home and classroom

Make a difference for families who cannot afford to pay for a class. 

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Our Goals
  • Strengthen families so that they thrive with research-based tools

  • Strengthen classroom and daycare learning environments

  • Raise emotional intelligence, self-esteem and feelings of competency in both children and adults

  • Teach effective and caring methods of discipline

  • Reduce stress levels for children, parents, and teachers

  • Create home and school environments which encourage children to mature towards becoming the very best they are capable of becoming