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Our courses help you feel more confident and calm as a parent, educator or caregiver.
Learn the theory and research, and walk away with loads of practical tools! 
Appropriate for children ages 2-18.
How We Help:

We offer training, workshops, materials, resources, inspiration and ongoing support to parents and educators byproviding

  • Practical tools and skills based on evidence-informed curriculum

  • Tools to not sabotage your discipline efforts

  • Learn how to show unconditional love

  • Identify the four types of misbehaviors and learn caring ways to correct them

  • Techniques to build children's emotional intelligence & self-esteem

  • Discuss, brainstorm, and laugh with other parents and educators struggling through similar issues -- it takes a village!



Parenting Classes that show you how to:

  • Avoid power struggles

  • Defuse a child's anger and prevent violent behaviors

  • Teach children to settle their own disputes

  • Set healthy limits

  • Strengthen and enrich adult-child relationship

  • Teach children to act responsibly

  • Open two-way communication with the child's inner self

  • Nurture healthy emotional growth and high self-esteem

  • Create a cooperative atmosphere in the home and classroom

Make a difference for families who cannot afford to pay for a class. 

Donate to PSC!

Our Goals
  • Strengthen families so that they thrive with research-based tools

  • Strengthen classroom and daycare learning environments

  • Raise emotional intelligence, self-esteem and feelings of competency in both children and adults

  • Teach effective and caring methods of discipline

  • Reduce stress levels for children, parents, and teachers

  • Create home and school environments which encourage children to mature towards becoming the very best they are capable of becoming

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